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Student Comments

I attribute much of my success as a performer and teacher to my studies with Dr. Caroline Hartig at Michigan State University. During my doctoral program Dr. Hartig was an exemplary teacher; she set high standards for all of her students and encouraged us to fulfill our potential. She has always been able to clearly describe and demonstrate all aspects of fundamental pedagogical issues as well as extended techniques. She was quick to diagnose problems that her students encountered and provided a variety of methods that students could use to correct the problem. Dr. Hartig stays current with developments in our field and contributes regularly to these developments. Her advice is solid and well thought out. I feel fortunate to have had Dr. Hartig for a teacher. She teaches her students towards independence, that is, she gives us the advice and tools we need to teach ourselves and others. Dr. Hartig mentored me throughout my job search, offering advice and sharing her experiences. I believe that she played a major role in the success I had with my interviews and negotiations. I was offered a tenure-track university position before graduation and another tenure-track position the following year. In my view, Dr. Hartig is a model artist-teacher; she is an accomplished performer and a well-respected teacher and pedagogue. Dr. Hartig has always been willing to share her expertise and her time. Now as I develop my own clarinet studio at Brandon University, I continue to consult with her. I value her constructive advice and continued support.

                        Dr. Cathy Wood
                        Assistant Professor of Clarinet
                        Brandon University School of Music

I am currently working on a Masters Degree in clarinet performance at Northwestern University under the instruction of Steve Cohen. I recently finished my undergraduate degree at Michigan State University where I studied with Dr. Caroline Hartig, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Dr. Hartig is a highly talented musician and passionate teacher who has inspired me to become the person and musician I strive to be. She helped me to find my voice as a musician and was the most caring teacher a student could ask for. I definitely appreciate all her inspirational work with me.

                        Ember Miller

My studies with Caroline Hartig came at the perfect time in my development as a clarinetist and musician.  Always demonstrating the greatest of technique and musicality within her  performances, the demonstration and approach of these concepts for my own performance was clear and easily understood in our lessons.  From her guidance I gained much more confidence with my playing and improved greatly in technical facility.  I was constantly being pushed out of my “comfort zone” in such a way that the daunting challenges seemed to not be so monumental.  Additionally, an enormous arsenal of new and creative practice techniques made preparation fun and interesting.  These same concepts and exercises I use with all of my own students because of their ingenuity and effectiveness.  She taught me more than just how to play the clarinet.  Professionalism, career choices, direction, and being a versatile musician were all components that I continually reflect upon and utilize.  I owe much for the superior education and guidance that continues to shape my career.

                    Dr. Scot A Humes
                    Assistant Professor of Clarinet and Saxophone
                    University of Louisiana at Monroe

I am one of the fortunate musicians able to say I have received a degree from Michigan State University. I recently received my master’s degree and am currently in the process of completing my D.M.A. in clarinet performance with Dr. Caroline Hartig. The most frequently asked question regarding my experience as a student in the College of Music is, “What is it like to be a clarinet student of Dr. Hartig?”  When I hear myself respond to this question, I sense that the words never seem to fully capture the true essence of her lessons. One thing I know about being her student is that she teaches with the same care, persistence, and intensity that she requires of herself. For the duration of the lesson, the student is the center of her undivided attention, and her teaching tactics are filled with a personal blend of sensitive musicianship and spectacular technique. She is truly a sensational performer and teacher.

                        Sara Stolt
                        DMA candidate MSU